Getting Started with iOS Programming

Here goes nothing…

After 13 years on OS X/macOS and having wanted to learn to program for OS X for almost as long, I’m finally jumping in. While I would rather go right into macOS, it seems Apple and everyone else is really pushing iOS for everything. So as a means of learning Xcode and Swift I’ll start with iOS. Once comfortable I’ll look to start building macOS applications, probably with a companion iOS app, because why not.

I plan on posting what I’m learning and things I figure out. Some of these things may seem dumb or basic to the experienced developer, but oh well, it may be helpful to some, which will be great. I often find resources out there are explained from an position of decades of experience, which can be hard to understand for those starting out. I also find that some people on sites like StackExchange are just trying to show how smart they are, instead of just answering the question. I’m hoping to avoid that.

This site will help me organize my thoughts and give me a reference to go back to if I did something before, but don’t remember how to do it. The best way to learn is to teach, even if I’m just teaching myself.

I realize most of these blogs die after 2 or 3 posts. Hopefully this will buck that trend, but we’ll see.

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